Anthony Parziale, Jr.

Director of Business Development

Anthony Parziale Jr. brings a fresh energy to the Advance Group Sales Team as its newest member in 2023. His recent graduation from Wingate University marks the culmination of an academic and athletic journey where he excelled both in the classroom and on the golf course, earning a Bachelor’s Degree while committing five years to the university’s golf team.

Anthony’s role as Director of Business Development positions him at the forefront of the company’s growth efforts. He plays a pivotal role in spearheading the expansion of the business, with a focus on cultivating and developing new client accounts. His responsibilities include strategizing growth plans, engaging with potential clients, and fostering relationships that benefit the company’s sales objectives.

Away from work, Anthony is a sports enthusiast, with a particular passion for golf—a sport he has not only played competitively in college but continues to enjoy recreationally. His interest in sports extends to disc golf, an emerging favorite, and maintaining a rigorous exercise routine. These activities reflect his commitment to an active lifestyle and personal excellence.

Beyond sports, Anthony cherishes the time spent with loved ones, emphasizing the importance of family and friends in his life. Anthony’s diverse interests and active lifestyle complement his professional ambitions, making him a valuable and multifaceted asset to the Advance Group.