Jim Molloy Jr

Jim Molloy Jr.

Senior VP of Administration

Jim Molloy joined the company in 1984 while in high school and began woring in the warehouse then moved rapidly to serve as assistant dispatcher, Sales & Customer Service support. After earning his BA in information technology in 1994, he assumed responsibility for information and technology at the company. Jim built the corporate network from the ground up, making the company self-sufficient for IT services. Through his considerable programming skills he has customized various applications, including the company’s accounting software. Jim installed the corporate asset management inventory system and designed and programmed a web interface so that clients can access their inventory online. He helped establish the infrastructure for document storage and implemented the use of document storage software. Jim’s contributions include facilities management services where he personally installs CCTV Security Cameras and maintains centralized access systems. Jim is also the chairman of the CRM committee and is involved in rolling out new software as part of a critical corporate initiative to better utilize The Advance Group’s extensive customer database.