About Us

Pioneers in Relocation & Logistics

Welcome to The Advance Group, where excellence isn’t just an expectation – it’s a tradition. We have been at the forefront of the relocation and logistics industry, proudly serving both the commercial and residential sectors. With our roots firmly planted in New York, we’ve branched out to serve the vibrant landscapes of New Jersey, Connecticut, and the sun-kissed expanses of Florida.

Our Legacy

Tracing back to a rich history that began in the post-World War II era, we emerged from the foundation laid by Molloy Bros. Moving & Storage in 1946. Since then, our journey has been marked by innovation, growth, and an unwavering commitment to our clients. Today, we stand tall as one of New York’s largest commercial relocation firms, a testament to our dedication and the trust our clients place in us.

Our Brands, Our Pride:

  1. The Advance Group – A beacon of excellence in commercial moving, logistics, warehousing, move consulting & project management, and more across the Tri-State area.
  2. Advance Technology Services – Leading the industry in comprehensive bespoke technology solutions.
  3. FITCO – Setting benchmarks in delivery, installation, carpentry, and millwork.
  4. Molloy Moving & Storage – Your trusted partner for residential moving.
  5. Sorensen Logistics – Extending our expertise in all our commercial services to Florida.
  6. Sorensen Moving & Storage – Extending our residential moving expertise to Florida.

Strategically Located, Globally Connected

Our partnership with The Office Moving Alliance (OMA) and Mayflower enables us to serve over 350 cities in 10 countries. Whether moving next door or across continents, The Advance Group is with you every step of the way.

New York’s Trustworthy Commercial Relocation Experts

Distribution and Logistics involve a complex array of services revolving around the receipt and delivery of products. Increasingly, large and sophisticated companies use The Advance Group to assume total logistical responsibilities. In effect, The Advance Group functions as their warehouse manager and is responsible for receiving product, pulling orders, assigning carriers, and maintaining contact on a national level. To maximize value, we are also capable of recycling, reselling, or refurbishing your product.

Complexity comes from the need to deliver products on a just-in-time schedule, handling many products at one time, assembling products into various groupings, regularly checking inventory levels, and delivering products to distant locations.

Only large, integrated service companies can handle distribution and logistical complexity. The Advance Group is fully capable of managing this complexity, including those requiring interstate moves and vast storage capability. Deliveries and installations are also arranged using a detailed protocol to ensure full stewardship of the client’s property.