E-Waste Services

E-Waste Asset Recovery, Technology Recycling, and Certified Destruction

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, electronic assets often reach their end of usability faster than we anticipate. Whether tucked away in an office closet or occupying valuable space, outdated tech assets require proper, environmentally sound disposal that aligns with government regulations and compliance mandates.

The Advance Group offers a holistic solution to this, ensuring both eco-friendly disposal and protection of the sensitive data that may still reside on the devices.

Our Comprehensive Offering in E-Waste Asset Recovery, Technology Recycling, and Certified Destruction includes:

  • Asset Evaluation and Planning:
    • Our Dedicated Technology Project Managers will carefully assess end-of-life equipment to establish the degree of Certified Destruction needed.
  • Pre-Pickup Inventory Assessment:
    • Before transportation, we conduct a meticulous inventory of all items to ensure transparency and clarity in the process.
  • Secure Transportation:
    • We guarantee safe pick-up and transportation of all equipment to our state-of-the-art Certified Destruction facilities.
  • Certification and Buy-back Options:
    • Post the disposal or recycling process, we furnish a certification of destruction for your records. For assets that still hold value, we offer a buy-back program, allowing our clients to recoup a portion of their initial investment.
  • Data Protection:
    • At the heart of our operations is a commitment to safeguarding your data. We employ rigorous measures to ensure that all data on the devices is irretrievably destroyed, eliminating any potential security risks.

By entrusting The Advance Group with your e-waste disposal needs, you are ensuring a sustainable, compliant, and secure solution that doesn’t just protect the environment but also safeguards your organization’s sensitive information.