Decommissioning and Liquidation

Green & Efficient Asset Disposal With The Advance Group

In today’s fast-paced business environment, upgrading office equipment and furniture is not just about enhancing aesthetic appeal but also about meeting functional needs and adhering to evolving standards. But what happens to the outdated assets? The Advance Group is here to provide responsible and eco-friendly disposal solutions that prioritize both your bottom line and the environment.

How Do We Ensure Responsible Disposal?

  • Nationwide Network for Best Returns: We tap into our extensive market network across the nation to guarantee the highest possible revenue from your surplus assets’ sale.
  • Eco-Friendly Partnerships: In collaboration with top-tier recycling services, we guarantee that items are appropriately categorized and disposed of, strictly adhering to the most recent environmental regulations.
  • Expert Consultation: One of our seasoned consultants will conduct a thorough survey of your surplus items, assisting you in decreasing disposal costs. If your items still hold market value, they will be properly evaluated, and a detailed proposal will be presented.
  • Green Disposal System: If your assets have reached the end of their revenue potential, rest assured they won’t just end up in a landfill. We uphold a rigorous Green System, ensuring that your products are recycled and compliant with NYS DEC and EPA standards. We take pride in achieving a 95% product recycling rate historically.
  • Recycling Partnerships: Leveraging our ties with the tri-state area’s leading recycling facilities, we ensure efficient recycling processes for various materials, from wood and metal to steel and plastics.
  • Specialized Technology Recycling: For tech assets like computers, we ensure recycling in line with EPA directives. We prioritize your data security, refraining from reselling your gadgets. All retired tech assets are systematically decommissioned and recycled, endorsing our strict zero-landfill approach. High-risk items, like batteries, are entrusted to specially licensed waste handlers to prevent environmental hazards like mercury leaching.
  • Commercial Office Liquidation with a Green Perspective: Being ethical commercial office liquidators, we offer a sustainable angle to furniture disposal. Plus, the revenue generated can be channeled back into your business, be it for procuring new office fixtures or advanced tech equipment. Decommissioning office furniture is not just an environmental obligation but can greatly simplify your transition during moves or upgrades.

With The Advance Group at your side, you can trust that your old assets won’t become an environmental burden. Together, we can pave the way for a sustainable future while also optimizing your returns. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive disposal solutions.