Industrial, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Relocations

Industrial Relocation: Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities

Shifting an industrial workspace is no small feat. Unlike conventional office moving, it entails careful transportation of heavy machinery, complex installations, and precise synchronization to minimize downtime. This is where expertise, experience, and specialization come into play. This is where The Advance Group shines.

Dedication Meets Specialization 

At The Advance Group, we understand the intricacies of industrial moving. We recognize the enormous responsibility that comes with transporting high-value equipment, managing intricate details, and maintaining safety protocols. Here’s why our specialized team of industrial movers is unparalleled:

Pre-move Survey and Strategy: Before the move, we diligently review your workspace, identifying critical machinery, understanding equipment interdependencies, and devising timelines to minimize disruptions.

Comprehensive Layout Planning: The placement of each piece of equipment isn’t random. We provide layout solutions tailored to your production flow, enhancing efficiency and operational synergy.

Precision in Parts & Material Handling: From tiny screws to large equipment parts, everything is meticulously packed, labeled, and tracked.

Machinery Expertise: The relocation of machinery isn’t just about lifting and transporting. We specialize in the careful disassembly and subsequent reassembly of complex machinery, ensuring each piece is reset with precision.

Pallet Racking Services: Dismantling and reassembling pallet racking requires expertise to ensure optimal space utilization and safety. Our team excels in this domain, providing solutions that are both efficient and safe.

Tech Transfers: We understand the criticality of your IT infrastructure. Our team ensures the smooth disconnect, transport, and reconnect of all your tech assets.

Bespoke Crating & Packing: Standardized solutions don’t fit when it comes to specialized equipment. Our custom crating and packing solutions ensure that every item, regardless of its size or shape, is protected during the move.

Transportation Excellence: Our fleet is not just about trucks but about specialized vehicles tailored for transporting heavy machinery and delicate equipment securely.

Extended Warehousing Services: If you need temporary storage solutions during the transition, our warehousing services provide a safe haven for your assets.

Trusted Industrial Relocation Partners

With The Advance Group, you’re not just hiring movers; you’re partnering with specialists who treat your assets as their own. Our impeccable track record, combined with our relentless commitment to excellence, ensures that your industrial move is executed with precision, professionalism, and personal care. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, we’re poised to make your industrial transition seamless.