First and Final Mile Logistics

Navigate the First and Last Mile with Confidence

Logistical challenges arise at every step of the moving process, but for many businesses, the most crucial aspect is the “Last Mile”—the transition from warehousing or a transportation hub to the final destination. The logistical complexities of the first and last miles often account for a significant portion of the total cost and intricacy of a move.

In these critical stages, a comprehensive services company like The Advance Group is your ideal partner for managing last-mile logistics and deliveries in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This support is especially vital for interstate relocations or moves that require extensive storage capabilities. With extensive experience, expansive facilities, and a range of innovative solutions, The Advance Group is well-equipped to handle the final stretch of your relocation journey.

Here are the key stages of a standard last mile operation:

Consolidation & Warehousing 

Our expansive warehouse facilities serve as the consolidation point for your assets. Our largest warehouse, conveniently located just outside New York City, is optimally positioned for all last-mile moves in New York. The consolidation process encompasses inspection, sorting, detailed inventory procedures, and storage in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Inventory Management & Delivery Sequencing 

As your single-source supplier, we navigate the complexities of “just-in-time” delivery, managing a diverse range of products, grouping them accordingly, monitoring inventory levels, and ensuring timely deliveries to various locations.

Our fleet is available for pickups and deliveries 24/7, and we utilize Windfall, a cutting-edge warehousing and inventory management software, to facilitate client access. Clients can review their inventory, place work orders, and track the status of specific items at any time.

Unpacking, Installation, & Assembly

Our meticulous protocol ensures the safe and complete stewardship of your property from the first mile to the last. Rely on The Advance Group for comprehensive installation and assembly services for furniture, fixtures, office technology, machines, and more. Additional services such as debris removal, liquidation, and recycling are also available.

We are committed to exceeding your expectations and meeting all your last-mile logistics needs.