Laboratory, Medical & Pharmaceutical Relocations

Hospital And Laboratory Moves: Specialized Expertise At Your Service

Relocating a healthcare or laboratory facility goes beyond the realm of a standard move. It involves intricate planning, precise execution, and utmost care for the delicate, invaluable equipment and data that form the lifeline of such establishments. At The Advance Group, we understand the nuances and sensitivities of these specialized hospital, healthcare, & lab relocations.

Your Partner In Critical Transitions 

The healthcare and research sectors are dynamic, and moves are inevitable as you adapt to evolving needs, technologies, and research directions. However, these transitions need not be daunting. We’ve streamlined our approach to ensure that every step is executed with precision:

  • Skilled Clean Room Technicians: Cleanrooms are pivotal to many healthcare and lab environments. Our trained technicians ensure that the stringent standards of these spaces are maintained during the move, preventing any contamination.
  • Detailed Project Management: We offer expert project managers who create a structured timeline for the move, ensuring every phase – from pre-planning to final setup – is timely and efficient.
  • Comprehensive Transport & Logistics: The logistics of moving sensitive equipment are intricate. We ensure seamless transport with vehicles tailored for the delicate nature of lab equipment and hospital machinery.
  • Bespoke Crating & Skidding: Every piece of equipment is unique. We offer customized crating and skidding solutions that cater to the specific needs of the items being moved.
  • Machinery & Equipment Packaging: Proper packaging is pivotal for machinery and equipment. We utilize the highest standard materials and techniques to ensure the safe relocation of these invaluable assets.
  • End-to-End Laboratory Moving: From smaller equipment to large centrifuges and chromatographs, our team is trained to handle the intricacies of lab relocations, ensuring they’re moved with care and set up correctly at the new location.

A History of Excellence

Our track record speaks volumes. From federal institutions like the Federal Drug Administration to renowned educational establishments like Columbia Medical Center and Yale School of Medicine, we’ve successfully managed intricate, large-scale moves with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Equipped for the Future of Healthcare & Research Moves

The pharmaceutical landscape is rapidly evolving, with a rising demand for research and medicinal production. As this sector grows and evolves, The Advance Group is ready and equipped to support its changing relocation needs. We pride ourselves on ensuring minimal disruption to your operations, and with our meticulous planning and coordination, you can be assured of a seamless transition to your new facility or reconfigured space.

When it comes to hospital, healthcare, and laboratory relocations, The Advance Group isn’t just a service provider – we’re your partner, dedicated to making your move successful and stress-free.