Employee Relocation

Global Relocation, Local Expertise With The Advance Group

Life’s journey can often take you or your employees places you never anticipated. Whether it’s a new job opportunity, business expansion, or just the allure of a fresh start, relocating can be both exciting and stressful. At The Advance Group, we’re committed to easing that transition, ensuring you and your employees feel at home no matter where you go.

The Metropolitan Maestros

Our extensive experience and local expertise in the New York Metropolitan region are unparalleled. Many regard us as the top-tier choice for relocation in this bustling hub, and it’s not hard to see why:

  • Strategic Locations for Maximum Efficiency: Our primary base in Long Island isn’t our sole stronghold. We proudly operate from five pivotal locations within the tri-state area: our primary warehouse and storage hub on Long Island, two facilities in Harrison, New Jersey, another terminal in Newark, New Jersey, and our sleek office right in the heart of Manhattan. This geographical spread not only cements our dominant presence in the northeast but also equips us with unmatched agility and resources.
  • A Global Footprint with a Personal Touch: While our roots might be deeply entrenched in New York, our reach is global. We’ve mastered the art of coordinating both interstate and international relocations thanks to our esteemed partnership with Mayflower Transit. As an integral part of Uni-Group, the world’s most extensive moving conglomerate, Mayflower Transit extends our capabilities across borders seamlessly.
  • A Growing Network with OMA: We’ve amped up our global relocation game even more by aligning with The Office Moving Alliance (OMA). This esteemed affiliation means we’re part of a global network that effectively serves over 200 prime cities across ten nations. The power of collaboration ensures that no matter the destination, our clients receive consistent quality and comprehensive support.

Your Trusted Relocation Partner

With The Advance Group, relocation is more than just moving items from point A to B. It’s about moving lives, memories, and dreams. Whether you’re relocating a single employee to a neighboring town or charting a complex corporate move across continents, our promise remains unchanged: Wherever you go, The Advance Group is right there with you, turning challenges into seamless transitions. Get in touch today, and let’s embark on this journey together.