Cross Docking and Freight Forwarding

Streamlined Service Every Step of the Way

As a freight forwarder, The Advance Group consists of dedicated logistics professionals who utilize our comprehensive knowledge of transportation strategies and our exceptional organizational skills to expertly coordinate the movement of goods. We recognize the paramount importance of meticulous attention to detail during intricate moves and boast the proficiency to mitigate the risks that come with missed deadlines — risks that can potentially compromise entire moves or projects. Our project managers oversee moves with precision from commencement to culmination, ensuring that communication is streamlined among all stakeholders, guaranteeing the secure and timely delivery of freight.

Benefits of Using a Freight Forwarding Service Include:

  • Minimizes Stress: Entrusting a professional service with the transportation process can enhance operational efficiency and alleviate pressure on a company’s workforce and processes
  • Ensures Compliance with Transportation Regulations: Freight forwarders possess in-depth knowledge of trade laws and transportation stipulations for goods transiting both national and international borders
  • Improves Shipping Time: Freight forwarders have insights into the most efficient routes and methods to ensure timely delivery to the intended destination
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction: Leveraging the capabilities of freight forwarders can significantly improve the quality and speed of shipping, resulting in prompt, intact deliveries, leading to happier customers

Our offerings encompass consultation, planning, preparation, and execution, including these integrated services:

  • Collaborating closely to formulate a strategy for transporting goods from one point to another
  • Negotiating diligently with shippers to finalize freight costs
  • Engaging with warehouse facilities to provide diverse options for freight storage at different junctures in the transport journey
  • Preparing all requisite documentation to ensure that goods are compliant for transportation nationally and internationally
  • Leveraging technological prowess to facilitate and coordinate transport procedures using state-of-the-art IT software solutions