Onsite Asset Management

Asset Management Services at Client Facilities

Asset management services at client facilities are meticulously structured into the subsequent 9 steps:

  1. Assign Project Team: A Project Manager is dedicated to every inventory initiative and serves as the primary liaison for the client.
  2. Develop the Work Plan: Each endeavor kicks off with the Project Manager devising a comprehensive work plan alongside a precise timetable for every segment of the inventory trajectory. Every phase’s estimate is crafted, factoring in the personnel and departments aligned with each facility and floor. Our synergy with the client’s project lead ensures a harmonious scheduling.
  3. Develop the Inventory Schedule and Supply Bar Code Labels: The Advance Group’s project manager collaborates seamlessly with the client’s representative to chart, schedule, and earmark priority locations for the inventory operation, offering regular updates on the progress percentage.
  4. Identify Current Locations for Asset Ownership: Before the inventory onset, clients are required to furnish floor blueprints for all regions incorporated in the physical inventory. We ensure bar code locational identifiers, segmented by building, floor, and room.
  5. Standardize Tag Placement: Relying on the client’s pre-established guidelines or assisting in their creation, The Advance Group determines the physical locales of asset labels, taking into account:
    • Consistency
    • Accessibility
    • Aesthetics
    • Resistance to wear or damage
  6. Catalog Items: Our team members delve into the ground zero, capturing images or documenting every typical or exclusive item alongside its catalog number. Every asset’s critical data gets integrated into our inventory system.
  7. Develop Preliminary Asset Bar Code Lists: We print catalog sheets equipped with bar-coded catalog digits, utilized by our field agents to recognize furniture and apparatus during inventory. The inventory staff gets equipped with tools like barcode tags, portable readers, and bar-coded location lists.
  8. Tag Assets and Collect Information Using the Bar Code Reader: In this phase, assets are labeled and detailed using bar code readers.
  9. Client Asset Web: Internet interface stands as a flagship offering adored by our clientele. Salient features include:
    • Account databases, categorizable by department, segment, or locale.
    • Clients’ ability to navigate their catalog and witness assets.
    • Varied search options to explore the catalog.
    • Assets get discerned by an expansive array of sorting fields, supplemented with images.

Enterprises consistently pivot towards The Advance Group for dependable asset management solutions, powered by time-tested methodologies and a workforce par excellence.