Trading Floor Technology Relocations

Trading floors are unique environments pulsating with advanced technology setups, particularly vital for smooth financial transactions. In this complex landscape, a tiny glitch can trigger monumental consequences both for an individual institution and, by extension, the global economy. This underscores the sheer magnitude of responsibility when it comes to relocating trading floors.

For over a decade, The Advance Group has carved its niche in this specialized domain. We’ve successfully undertaken the relocation of trading floors of renowned banks and esteemed financial entities. Leaders in the financial realm don’t just choose us for our reputation; they do so for our unmatched expertise, precision, and commitment to ensuring zero interruptions.

While our offerings encompass all facets of Standard Office Technology Relocation, relocating a trading floor requires specialized services. Here’s a glimpse of the unique services we offer for Trading Floor Technology Relocations:

Multifaceted Monitor Management:

Each trader’s setup often involves multiple monitors. We ensure a systematic disconnect and subsequent reconnect, maintaining the exact order and configuration of screens to assure familiarity and ease of use post-relocation.

Turret System Expertise:

A pivotal part of a trading floor, Turret Systems, are intricate. Our team is proficient in the disconnecting and reconnecting processes, ensuring seamless communication channels are restored swiftly.

As with all our services, each relocation task is overseen by a skilled team of engineers and a dedicated project manager. These specialists are well-versed in the intricacies of trading floor setups and the pivotal role they play in global finance.

Choose The Advance Group for not just a transition, but a seamless continuation of your trading floor operations.