Artwork & Antiques

Handling precious, irreplaceable items necessitates unparalleled precision and seasoned expertise. The Advance Group boasts profound acumen in the realm of fine art relocation and logistics, stemming from its coveted affiliations with the likes of Christie’s and its landmark projects with esteemed institutions such as the Brooklyn Museum and the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Entities spanning galleries, museums, boutiques, and private connoisseurs can all harness the proficiency of The Advance Group. Whether your focus is antiquities or illustrious art pieces, our team, under the expert supervision of devoted fine art handlers, commits to meticulous preparation, packing, safeguarding, and ensuring the seamless, gentle conveyance and re-establishment of your assets.

Services Offered:

  • Consolidation: Efficient amalgamation of artworks for transit or storage.
  • Dispersal: Expert distribution of artworks to various destinations.
  • Climate-Controlled Storage: Ensuring optimal conditions for artwork preservation.
  • Crating & Packing: Tailored protective encasements for every unique piece.
  • Installation: Professional setup of artworks at their final destination.
  • Logistics: Comprehensive planning for safe and efficient transportation.

The intricacies of fine art relocation require an adept packing protocol to shield artworks, conserve the essence of sculptures or paintings, and proffer ample padding to mitigate any in-transit shifts. Minute friction on an oil painting’s surface could potentially strip it of its paint, inflicting irreversible damage and an irreplaceable loss. Moreover, many sculptures, with their fragile appendages, remain vulnerable to breakages if exposed to mishaps. Hence, it’s pivotal to entrust your treasured art and antiques to an entity that not only comprehends their worth but also unflinchingly vouches for their protection.