MAC Services

Mac Services By The Advance Group: Ensuring Flexibility & Efficiency In Your Workspace

The dynamism of modern business requires adaptable work environments. Whether you’re expanding, downsizing, or merely reorganizing, your facility’s effectiveness plays a crucial role in day-to-day operations.

In understanding this, The Advance Group introduces its comprehensive Move, Add, and Change (MAC) services, designed to adeptly manage and integrate your resources, ensuring optimal functionality.

Why Choose The Advance Group’s MAC Services?

  • Tailored Planning and Coordination: Our professionals engage directly at your site, ensuring that work orders, moves, and installations are methodically planned and executed.
  • Design Expertise: Benefit from our in-house CAD services and licensed design support, ensuring that your spatial arrangements meet both aesthetic and functional criteria.
  • Comprehensive Furniture Handling: Our specialists assist with moving, reconfiguring, and installing furniture. Plus, we offer repair services and meticulous cleaning to prolong the life and appearance of your assets.
  • Tech Savvy Relocations: We ensure that your technology equipment is securely moved, connected, and cables managed. Whether it’s an individual workstation or an entire data center, trust in our expertise.
  • Specialized Relocations: Our teams are trained to safely relocate critical spaces like data centers and labs, ensuring minimal disruption and zero data loss.
  • Daily Move Assistance: Whether you’re shifting a single department or require assistance for group moves or events, we’re on hand to make the process seamless.
  • Storage & Asset Management: With sophisticated warehousing solutions, we offer both short-term and long-term storage, ensuring your assets are always accounted for and readily accessible.
  • Sustainability Focus: In our commitment to a greener future, we offer services to resell, recycle, or donate surplus items. Anything beyond salvage is responsibly disposed of.

At The Advance Group, we understand that the needs of your facility evolve. Whether it’s an internal departmental move, the addition of new workspaces, or the reconfiguration of existing ones, our MAC services are designed to ensure a smooth transition. Partner with us to experience a synergy of expertise, efficiency, and excellence.