Datacenter Relocations & Decommissions

Datacenters are the nerve centers of modern organizations, housing the critical technology infrastructure that ensures business continuity. Whether it’s a cross-country move or a shift to another floor, relocating a data center isn’t a mere physical transfer. It’s a meticulously orchestrated process that The Advance Group has mastered over the years.

Given the significance of data centers, any move requires an intricate dance of planning, collaboration, and execution. The Advance Group couples deep technical know-how with an unparalleled commitment to ensure a smooth transition, minimally impacting business operations.

Outlined below are the cornerstones of our Datacenter Relocation and Decommissioning offering:

  • Comprehensive Documentation:
    • Our dedicated Technology Project Managers collaborate with your team to meticulously document the current equipment. This encompasses elevation diagrams, interconnections, and a carefully coordinated schedule for shutting down and turning up systems.
  • Strategic Planning:
    • We assist in formulating a data center selection strategy complemented by a detailed process plan, ensuring optimal site selection and seamless migration.
  • Shutdown and Disconnect:
    • The Advance Group ensures the systematic and secure shutdown and disconnect of all technology assets in your data center.
  • Specialized Transportation:
    • Recognizing the sensitivity of data center equipment, we use climate-controlled, air-ride trucks for safe and secure transport.
  • Re-establishing Connectivity:
    • At the new site, our experts meticulously reconnect and power up all the technology assets, ensuring they integrate perfectly into the new environment.
  • Post-Move Assurance:
    • Our dedicated Project Managers liaise with your team to validate that all services are up and running seamlessly. Should there be any hiccups, we’re right there, offering troubleshooting support for issues ranging from connectivity challenges to non-responsive services.
  • Eco-conscious Decommissioning:
    • In cases where certain technology equipment is deemed redundant or obsolete, The Advance Group offers responsible decommissioning through our E-Waste offering.

Entrust your data center’s relocation to us and experience the assurance of a partner who understands the profound implications of every nut, bolt, and byte.