Warehousing Services

Beyond Storage: Commercial Warehousing

Warehousing is an integral component of your comprehensive distribution strategy. Without a robust plan in place, the efficiency of your supply chain management can be compromised. Essential to your operations is a rigorous protocol for receiving, inventory tracking, and orchestrating delivery/installation schedules. We proudly offer warehousing solutions on Long Island, New York City, New Jersey and neighboring regions. Additionally, we have facilities in Florida and through our OMA network, warehousing partners in every major city across the United States, Europe, Central/South America and Asia.

At The Advance Group, every operation is meticulous, and overseen by seasoned and proficient experts. With The Advance Group, you’re partnering with a team that boasts both logistical prowess and the tangible resources to safeguard your assets, while always striving for the utmost in cost-effectiveness.

Equipped for Every Job

Whether your organization has fleeting or prolonged commercial warehousing needs, The Advance Group is seasoned in managing diverse projects. We cater to:

  • New Office Furniture, Seating, and Filing Systems
  • Kitchen Apparatus and Seating for Dining Establishments
  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) tailored for the Hospitality Sector
  • Displays and Fixtures for Retail Outlets
  • Fresh Residential Furniture
  • Premium Medical and IT Apparatus

Among our extensive service offerings:

  • Cross Docking Services
  • Consolidation Assistance
  • Secure, Climate-Regulated Facilities
  • Cutting-Edge Inventory Management Systems
  • Thorough Inspection of New Products
  • Comprehensive Fulfillment Services
  • Premium White Glove Delivery Alternatives

Asset Warehousing Services & Management

The storage protocol encompasses:

  • Receiving Product Into Storage Warehousing – This phase involves asset verification, barcoding, asset safeguarding, and allocating storage.
  • Data Input – Involves daily data transfers and transaction confirmation.
  • Quality Control – Ensures precise data capture, monthly inventory checks, and timely delivery of QC reports to the customer.
  • Product Pulling from Storage – Encompasses product scrutiny, anomaly reporting, product sorting, and the issuance of packing details.
  • Loading, Pickup, & Delivery – This phase ensures meticulous loading and delivery, transaction documentation accuracy, a post-delivery QC check, and the final inventory recording.
  • Internet Access Features A standout service beloved by our clientele. Highlighted features include:
    • Account databases are sortable by department, segment, or geographical region.
    • Clients possess the capability to browse their catalog and view assets.
    • Multiple search options to navigate the catalog.
    • Assets are identifiable via an array of sorting fields and accompanied by images.

With The Advance Group, you are opting for warehousing solutions crafted for businesses of all scales. We possess the capability to cater to any product category, be it perishable or demanding adherence to specific local or official standards.