High Value Products

Logistics for High-Risk, High-Value & Non-Standard

Achieving excellence in Critical Logistics means ensuring a flawless process through the precise interplay of adept Project Managers, professional onsite personnel, advanced technological systems, impeccable rigging and handling tools, and strict adherence to preventative vehicle and equipment maintenance standards.

The ultimate goals: on-time, fault-free delivery, relocation, and storage. This is accomplished through a combination of robust system fail-safes and strategic tech integration.

Sectors of Expertise:

  • Technology: Server Room Migrations, New Hardware Deployment, and Reverse Logistics
  • Medical: Mobile and Fixed Asset Imaging, Laboratory, Testing, and Cryogenic Equipment
  • Retail: FFE Handling and Transport for POP Environments and Storage for Showroom Collateral
  • Events & Display: Tradeshow Transport and Storage, Set Up and Support for Special Events
  • Museums & Institutional: Climate Control Storage, Crating, Special Handling and Security
  • Installation & Rigging: Fixed Assets like ATMs, Ramps, Kiosks, and Parcel Stations

The Advance Group offers Critical Service Personnel adept at managing and delivering high-risk, high-value assets with unique time constraints and heightened security requirements. Each client is catered to with bespoke handling solutions. Collaboration with your team and third-party vendors ensures the provision of optimal services, training, and transportation methods.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Critical Service Personnel: Including Project Managers, “White-Glove” Movers, Installers, and CAD Operators.
  • Advanced Site Surveys, Mock-Ups, and Training.
  • Budgeting and Rate Modeling: For both micro-projects and large-scale transport routes.
  • Internal Performance Measurements.
  • Specialized Equipment: Including Lift-Gate Trucks and Trailers, Rigging, and Material Handling Equipment.
  • Asset Protection: Via Air-Ride Vehicles, and monitoring tools like Tip and Shock Indicators.
  • All-Hours, Out-of-Route Experts: Specialists in providing timely and effective Out-of-Scope Responses.