Move Consulting

Move Consulting

The Advance Group offers an all-encompassing project management strategy, which allows for a detailed focus on every part of the relocation. Our services cover everything from early-stage planning to day-of coordination with contractors, clients, and employees. Our team adeptly manages the entire RFP process on behalf of our clients, from soliciting bids to post-move evaluations. As we oversee the move, we constantly monitor progress, ensuring everything remains on track and making adjustments as needed. Once the move is complete, we manage contract wrap-ups and help with the decommissioning of the previous site. Our aim is to ensure every aspect – from RFPs and vendor coordination to asset management and decommissioning – is expertly handled, enabling our clients to maintain their day-to-day operations with minimal disruption.

  • Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Move Implementation
  • Vendor Management
  • Project Closeout
  • Decommissioning

Change Management

The Advance Group is here to aid businesses and organizations in navigating their workplace transitions with strategic insight and practical execution. Given the complexity of relocations, our team manages both the overarching strategies and the minute details, allowing our clients to focus on their primary objectives and future strategies. We stand by the idea that with meticulous management, relocations can be a catalyst for positive changes in an organization’s culture, operations, and overall growth.

After evaluating our clients’ readiness, we formulate a communication strategy that keeps everyone informed. This includes town hall sessions, newsletters, and continuous updates about move logistics, technology changes, and post-move support. Our proactive management style ensures minimal disruptions and helps our clients get back to business swiftly after the move.

  • Assessing and analyzing readiness for cultural change
  • Introducing new workspace concepts and initiatives
  • Implementing fresh communication channels
  • Hosting town hall/virtual meetings
  • Providing regular updates via email, newsletters, and intranets

Furniture Management 

Serving as your single point of contact for furniture, fixtures, and equipment, The Advance Group delves into every possible avenue to guarantee project savings. We understand the importance of space design in mirroring an organization’s ethos and work methodology. Collaborating closely with clients and vendors, we anticipate budgets for furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and oversee timely deliveries and post-installation quality checks. Thanks to our long-standing ties with various vendors, we can assist with procurements across various price points. After every installation, we conduct detailed inspections and coordinate with contractors for any further requirements, ensuring a smooth settling process for our clients.

  • Inventorying existing furniture
  • Project budgeting projections
  • Procurement processes
  • Overseeing FF&E installations
  • Thorough post-installation checks

New York’s Trustworthy Commercial Relocation Experts

The Advance Group’s relocation experts are dedicated to offering a full spectrum of moving solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Our holistic expertise ensures efficient project management, leading to significant cost savings. With years of experience under our belt, clients can trust us for consistent communication and a move experience characterized by minimal business interruption.