Offsite Asset Management

Asset Management at Advance Group Facilities

The principal objective of the asset management program is to furnish our clients with a holistic and precise snapshot of their prevailing inventory, accommodating the ever-evolving dynamics. Our stratagem is anchored in ensuring impeccable administration of inventory alterations, subsequently translating to notable cost savings.

Every asset is tracked throughout the company. When an asset, such as a computer, has reached its end-of-life and is no longer valuable to the company, our Asset Management Program ensures that this asset is either sent to salvage or donated to a charity that the client chooses.

The key to this program is the development and implementation of processes that ensure all asset data is maintained on an ongoing basis. We are then able to generate reports to business units, forecast potential hardware upgrade costs, and allow for simplified reconciliation of the general ledger.


The ensuing reports are curated:

  • All normative reports as solicited by the client.
  • Quality assurance reports, pivotal for on-ground auditors.
  • Exception reports. The Advance Group pledges to undertake requisite measures to uphold the sanctity of the database.
  • Post-move exception reports, vital for sustaining locational precision.
  • Chronicles on novel equipment and the status of antiquated apparatus.
  • Our initiative will be to devise new reports, harnessing the amassed data constantly.

Asset Management Global Help Desk

The Advance Group takes the initiative in instating and materializing, on a universal scale, the identical Asset Management Program protocols for all client satellite offices.

Delivering asset management on Long Island, New York City, New Jersey, Florida and through our OMA network, facilities in all major cities in the United States, Europe, Central/South America and Asia.