6 Current Trends Affecting Office Design

Published On: November 30, 2023Categories: Blog, Moving Tips, NewsBy
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In today’s work environment, smart office design encourages employee productivity, collaboration, and well-being. If you are designing a new office space for your upcoming office relocation, here are six current trends influencing office layout to consider. 

1. Adaptable and Active Environments

Many businesses are incorporating dynamic and flexible areas into their office design. This type is unique because employees can work wherever and however they want. You can quickly move or rearrange the furniture in this office setup. Employees find this very appealing because they are not limited to traditional workstations. For instance, adjustable-height desks are an excellent option for those employees who use laptops.

If they have wireless tech and internet, they do not need to sit at a particular desk or area all day. Because they enable flexibility, mobility, and interaction, adaptable workspaces are growing in popularity. With these flexible designs, staff can customize their work areas to meet the needs of any size team or project.

2. Positive Company Culture and Workplace Branding

A branded workplace layout lets the company communicate its story through the workspace. The workspace’s color schemes, office furniture material, and other design elements reflect the company’s fundamental values or start-up spirit. Positive company cultures boost morale and camaraderie, encouraging teamwork and collaboration.

3. Collaborative Meeting Areas

Through informal meetings and brainstorming sessions, employees can get to know each other better and foster a more creative work environment.

The need for multipurpose office space has shifted away from the traditional glass-doored conference room. Some conference rooms, for instance, may be easily transformed into break-out spaces or secluded quiet areas.

4. Privacy-Friendly Workstations

While open floor plans have gained popularity due to their adaptability, there is still a case for allocating private workplace areas. Semi-enclosed settings that still allow employees to work with as little distraction as possible are an option if you need to partition off a portion of the floor plan.

Larger workstations are unnecessary because the tools and equipment used to perform routine tasks now occupy less space. It is not uncommon for modern desks to feature only a small table, an ergonomic chair, and a significantly reduced footprint.

5. Nature and Sustainability

Plant or water walls and other natural building elements provide a sense of nature indoors for a workspace. Live plants in the office improve air quality, reduce noise by softening rigid walls and floors, and boost productivity. In addition, workers can take breaks to care for living plants, helping reduce work stress and improve mental health. 

Environmentally sustainable offices save money on utilities and operations and reduce their environmental impact. Seek to:

  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Increase the use of natural lighting
  • Choose low-emissions furnishings and construction materials.

6. Natural Lighting and Light Colors

Natural lighting and light wall colors are two office interior design trends that continue. Lighter colors like neutrals, grays, and greens add to an office’s natural feel. Color psychology can also affect productivity and create different thinking zones in the office. Here are some ways that colors can affect staff: 

  • Grays convey sophistication, style, productivity, usability, and simplicity.
  • Greens evoke thoughts of the natural world, tranquility, serenity, comfort, and calm.
  • Orange accent walls boost creativity in collaborative spaces.
  • Blue promotes calm and relaxation in lounge areas.

Indoor plants thrive with natural light from skylights, windows, and other sources. Natural light might also help boost employees’ moods and productivity. Light-filled workplaces reduce eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision plus can boost employees’ alertness.

Interior office buildings lacking large windows and natural light use diffused light, natural-looking artificial lighting, and non-reflective surfaces to reduce the glare of indoor lighting for a more natural feel.

Office Relocation Help

A better-designed office makes it a nicer place for people working full-time, from home, or with flexible hours. Using the newest interior design trends to update an office space may boost output and employee satisfaction. 

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