7 Tips on Finding the Ideal Office Moving Company

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Office managers standing in office area discussing moving companies.

After deciding on a new location, the next most important decision in an office relocation is selecting a full-service office moving company. With the help of a reliable moving company, your relocation can be a breeze.

Find the right office moving company with these tips.

1. Determine Your Requirements and Budget

Determine which services you require from a professional moving company. For instance, these are things to consider if you need them.

  • An in-house team of project managers for expert logistical project planning
  • Adequate equipment and personnel to handle your moving needs
  • Specialists in moving computer systems, sensitive electronics, lab equipment, and fine art
  • Experienced team for uninstalling and reinstalling systems furniture
  • Compliance with building codes
  • Insurance certificates
  • Professional packing and building protection
  • Asset tracking and barcoding.
  • Long-term and short-term storage for art, furniture, documents, and technology

The office move may include employee relocation. Inquire with the full-service movers to see if they have residential moving experience and will offer employee discounts.

Based on the above, estimate moving costs and supplies. Although you will not pick a mover only based on price, you still need to be aware of your financial constraints.

2. Research Before Requesting Quotes

It is essential to conduct research before deciding which companies to contact for pricing information. Here are some things to research about potential office moving companies.

  • Check their record with the Better Business Bureau
  • Investigate how long they have been in business 
  • Confirm licensing and insurance through their operating state
  • Confirm their registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Read their online reviews.

3. Pose Relevant Questions

When contacting the potential movers, be sure to ask questions such as: 

  • How much experience do you have moving businesses similar to ours in scope?
  • Can you provide several references for businesses you have relocated?
  • What kind of training does your moving crew receive?
  • How do you vet your movers?
  • Are your workers day laborers, or do you contract out any services?
  • Will a project manager be assigned to us?
  • Can you dispose of unwanted items, and is there an added fee?
  • What is your move management process?

4. Assess Each Company

As representatives from each company reach out to provide you with a quote, make sure to jot down notes about each. This will help you when making the final decisions. Consider that companies are likelier to be honest and forthright if their representatives are. The opposite is also true: the organization might be slow to respond or communicate if its representatives are slow to respond.

5. Determine the Management Process

Request that any mover bidding on your job include a logistics plan. Their suggestions should be in the plan, like picking a project manager and setting significant dates for your internal relocation team. And how will they accomplish the move on time and within budget?

6. Post-Move Services

Ensure the movers you select provide post-move services to keep your business up and running quickly after the relocation. Determine if they remove all used packing materials and building protection from the new office. Your movers must confirm the correct placement and inventory of all contents, office furniture, and technology. Plus, make sure they plan to test the connectivity of all your office technology.

7. Review the Quote

It is essential to understand the mover’s estimate and the accompanying details. Inquire about how they set their prices. Are they based on square footage, driving distance, time estimate, or the items they are moving? Do they charge a premium rate for a weekend or peak season move?

Avoid outliers when assessing quotes. Usually, prices that seem too good to be true are.

Once you choose a mover, make sure they guarantee a maximum price and lock in your move date.

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