Business Renovation or Remodeling? You Need A Professional Mover for Your FFE.

Published On: September 28, 2023Categories: Blog, Moving Tips, NewsBy
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When companies move, they naturally think about engaging a professional moving company. But, there are also advantages to engaging a professional moving & storage company to handle the FFE when renovating a property. 

Chief among the advantages of a professional mover is minimizing downtime. From efficiency to protecting the FFE, using a professional mover shortened the period between shutdown and restart.

Properly dealing with moving FFE requires expertise & knowledge that only comes from experience. 

Efficiency in dismantling and reassembling furniture & fixtures

Professional movers that have a specialty service line in FFE have the knowledge and processes in place to handle the full range of furniture, fixtures, and equipment. 

The movers disassemble, package, and move items more efficiently than untrained staff. Their experience ensures that the property is cleared more quickly, letting the renovations start sooner. When the renovation is complete, FFE is returned to the proper location and reassembled quickly. This translates into less downtime for the location and lower operational losses. 

If the entire facility is being renovated, moving furniture and fixtures off-site is the most efficient option. Suffiling items around the facility, as work progresses, takes time and increases the chance of damage as well as potential injury to staff. Using a full-service moving and storage company provides the most efficient method to relocate FFE safely.

Protecting the FFE

Damage to Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

When inexperienced individuals dismantle and assemble FFE, there is an increased likelihood of damage or faulty setup. This incurs replacement costs and may have liability implications if there are issues with the equipment post-renovation.   

Moving items without proper packaging or crating can result in significant damage. Experience movers ensure FFE is prepared for a move, whether to another location, the warehouse, or another part of the same facility. 

Climate-controlled storage is important for maintaining the condition of furniture, fixtures and equipment. Proper temperature, humidity, and moisture protection prevent issues such as mold or mildew development. Ensuring all FFE is returned in good condition allows the facility to restart operations as soon as possible.

Lost Equipment

Reputable movers provide systems and facilities to track and protect FFE. 

Warehouse management is a key component for tracking FFE. Each item, its condition, and storage location are registered. When the items are retrieved for return to the location, they are checked against the registration information. The Warehouse management system ensures that all items are properly tracked and can be quickly retrieved.

Professional Moving Project Management

Shuffling FFE around the facility may initially seem like the quickest path to a renovation or remodeling. But, over the course of the project, having a professional moving project manager ensures the smoothest and most efficient path to preparing for and restarting following the renovation.

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