commercial move

A commercial move versus a residential move, entails the relocation of more electronic equipment. While the most challenging part of a residential move may be relocating valuable furniture without breaking it, most businesses are transporting their most valuable possessions as computers, office, and network equipment.

In a home, the relocation of furniture is independent of other belongings. In the office, however, the floor plan and placement of employees in the office dictate how the equipment should be installed. To ensure business continuity, careful planning with a commercial mover should involve an inventory of current equipment, evaluation of new workspace, and assessment of existing network. This is the ideal time to make upgrades to accommodate growth or backup data to servers with more space.

Some office equipment such as photocopy machines are very heavy and, if licensed rentals, per agreement they must be transported by certified copier carriers who are trained to move heavy equipment carefully.

Some offices may require the deconstruction of many cubicles which must be reconfigured in the new space. As new work areas are created in the new workspace, power, phone, and internet must be provided to that individual’s area.

Whatever the demands of the individual commercial space, The Advance Group is well trained to handle it professionally.

Your Preferred Commercial Movers Company

Our job as your commercial moving company is to ensure a smooth transition with the least amount of downtime possible. Whether your move is across town, across state or across the country, the synchronization equipment breakdown, careful transport, installation of cabling and power equipment in the new location and setup at new location must be timed to allow for testing and adjustments once employees are in place.

Coordination can include scheduling use of the elevator, parking close to the exit, and working at hours most convenient for the business and permitted by the landlord. The Advance Group brings decades of experience to every job to ensure your move is painless and your property is delivered intact. Our commercial workspace moving experience across a wide array of industries has taught us how to thrive in every kind of challenge.

Exceptional Commercial Office Movers

The Advance Group is proud to be the preferred commercial office movers by Long Island, New York City and New Jersey businesses for over forty years. We are the largest moving company in the region offering every type of service imaginable a business could need to relocate, grow, and restructure. We can accommodate any type of move from the commercial office to the retail space, to trading floors and more. If your business requires storage or warehousing, we can assist in any detail required to make your transition seamless.

One of the most difficult changes your business will face is moving from one location to another. Let The Advance Group reduce yo