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Savvy businesses understand the value of refurbishing an office as part of an operational strategy.

From recruiting and productivity to branding and impression, an attractive space lends appeal that can affect the bottom line.

Redesigning and refurnishing office space is a change of greater magnitude than many first-time operation managers realize or anticipate. Process and planning are essential to avoid disruption in business continuity. Experts in planning, delivery, installation and storage ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

The Advance Group is the Tri-State’s leading office moving, installation and storage company, with a division specifically dedicated to furniture, installation, delivery and storage, an area that requires its own level of expertise and specialty.

As with any office movement, proper planning in execution is essential. Precision in planning includes: 

  1. Creating a Plan for Business Continuity – Mapping out what spaces will be moved out and refurbished and what spaces will be operational areas while the refurbishment takes place.
  1. Storage and Consolidation Points – As old furniture is removed and new furniture is delivered and assembled, having a cost-effective, safe storage area to contain new furnishings as the installation and removal process is underway is an important part of ensuring a smooth, unhindered and economic transition. 
  1. Preplanning, Training and Obstacles – Project managers that anticipate spatial obstacles and a trained professional furniture team should have pre-planned disassembly of furniture, entry points, padding, slides and equipment to ensure safe and undamaged delivery of your furnishings. 
  1. Delivery, inspection and inventory – Project managers should ensure that delivery of furniture is complete as per manifest. Arrives undamaged and complete. 
  1. Oversite and safe transportation – Project managers should ensure that delivery of the furniture to its final destination is safe, swift and with as little disruption as possible to other offices.
  1. Removal and disposal of used office furniture – Plan for proper removal and disposal of used office furniture and technical equipment.
  1. Reassembly, office mapping and manifest oversite – Project managers ensure that office furniture and placement is assembled to specification and manifest is complete.

Meticulous process, training and precision through project management are the hallmarks The Advance Group, with attention to detail from pre-planning through execution and disposal.

In addition to delivery, set-up and inspection, The Advance Group offers responsive, cost-effective disposal services for tech and furniture equipment, as well as white glove service for at-home delivery.

Sought after by some of the world’s most discerning clients, both retailers and end-users, The Advance Group safeguards your move into the future.

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