How to Inform Your Clients of Your Company’s Relocation

Published On: March 28, 2024Categories: Blog, Moving Tips, NewsBy
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An office relocation is a significant and thrilling milestone for your business. Whether transitioning to a more spacious, exclusive location or downsizing to a convenient office, it is a moment to commemorate your accomplishments and set your sights on a promising future.

Efficient planning and organization are crucial to eliminating downtime and minimizing any negative impact on your business operations. Being closed means losing money, and that is something nobody wants! One of the critical responsibilities of moving is to streamline the process so that your current and potential clients can quickly locate you. Here are some strategies to effectively inform your customers about your office relocation.

1. Make a Directory of Contacts

To compile a master list, ask every team member to submit their clientele. Several contacts at the same company are acceptable. Inform them all that you are moving. You want to ensure that people remember your brand every time you make an announcement.

2. Forward Individual Letters

Show your customers that you appreciate their business by writing them a personalized business relocation letter. Explain the move in a positive light. Close on a constructive note regarding your partnership. Here are some options.

You can email customers about the office move if most of your sales come from online channels. Include information like delayed response time during relocation due to setting up computers or other devices at the new office.

Direct Mail
Direct mail and postcards may seem a bit old-school now, but they are still helpful for some brick-and-mortar businesses without an internet presence. Include all pertinent information on this business card, including customer contact addresses. If there will be a grand opening or ribbon cutting, use it to publicize that.

3. Inform Through the Internet and Social Media Platforms

Another essential way to let people know you are moving is through the internet and social media. Place an announcement banner on your home or contact page well before moving. Following the move, display a second banner announcing the completion of the move. Keep that banner up online for six months post-move.

Before the move, consider sharing relocation photos and a pre-announcement on your social media platforms. Additionally, you can provide customers with timely updates by sharing new pictures as the moving date approaches.

4. Share Creative Announcements

Make your communications more engaging by including clever announcements along with your invoices and other messages. Always prioritize personal letters over creative announcements. Both forms of communication are crucial.

5. Publicize Through Local Media

Announce the move in the newspaper, utilizing both paid media (ads) and earned media (news stories). Consider running one or two ads to announce the move if you do not already advertise.  Make a statement to announce your move in one of your ads, then repeat it in all your ads for six months. For instance, “Contact us at our new location, 1 West LaSalle Ave.”

Another option is to write a press release and send it to the business reporter covering your industry. Ensure that you incorporate the following details into your relocation plan: the date, the new location, the anticipated advantages, the positive aspects of the move, and your products and services. Emphasize that your relocation is a reflection of your company’s success.

6. Update Online Addresses

Remember to update your address on various platforms, including social media, websites, online business directories, and Google.

7. Notify Through Messages

Post a moving announcement on all office phone messages so customers can write down the new address and phone number.

8. Host a Grand Opening After Relocation

Throw a grand opening party after you move. Determine the type of celebration: an informal affair, a professional atmosphere, or a formal event.  Focus on enhancing your brand’s reputation while providing guests with an unforgettable experience. The event should be consistent with your brand.

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