Keeping Employees Motivated During An Office Move

Published On: September 14, 2023Categories: Blog, Moving Tips, NewsBy
Hapy Employees during a move

Maintaining employee morale is one of the many challenges experienced during an office move. When a business moves, it can cause disruptions in schedules, changes in commute times, and an interruption of employees’ routines. To maintain morale and even get employees excited about an office move, here are three steps you can take.

Affirm Their Role With the Company

A 2023 ADP survey found that only 20% of the workforce feels secure in the position they have. During an office relocation, unease about job security may naturally increase. Be upfront about planned changes if any, and provide assurance where possible to employees that the relocation will not impact their position. Knowing their job at the company will be there after the move will reduce much of the stress associated with the office relocation.

When employees feel secure in their roles, they will approach the move with a more positive attitude. Consider these tips to help employees feel better about the move:

  • Clearly state the reason the business is relocating
  • Communication is key. Be open there is a channel of communication between leadership and employees
  • Plan scheduling far in advance and share it among employees

Provide Everyone a Role in the Office Move

Moving an office takes many hands. Even when employing a professional office relocation service, there is much for employees to do. Make the relocation a true team effort by designating employees with specific tasks. When employees know their participation is valued, they feel more motivated and enthusiastic about the move. 

To maintain morale, be sure the assigned tasks are things the employee is capable of doing. Even small accomplishments will help them feel a part of the process rather than a bystander. As the move progresses, providing praise and acknowledgment and even “moving perks” like free lunch on Fridays will further help morale. Being included and recognized by leadership will help the move go more smoothly, and employees feel good about their participation.

Celebrate The Move

Plan a post-move celebration for all the employees as part of the move. Depending on resources, the event can be as casual as a potluck luncheon to which all contribute a dish, a company cookout, or a picnic. During the event, make a point to acknowledge the employees’ contributions to helping make the move successful. The post-move celebration gives everyone something to look forward to and an opportunity for leadership to express their appreciation.

Be sure the post-move event is promoted as part of the overall moving plan. This provides employees with something to look forward to and helps with morale during the move.

Need Help Planning

There is much that goes into an office move, and the help of a professional office relocation service ensures every aspect of the move is addressed. From advice on planning and employee participation to moving boxes, furniture breakdown and installation, and IT & telecom equipment transfer, a professional mover has the experience to make an office move successful. 
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