machine moving and rigging

Moves of any kind entail a great deal of planning and resources, but machine moving and rigging demands skill and the right type of equipment to carry out the job. Machines weighing thousands – or even millions – of pounds are no joke. There’s a great deal of work involved in dismantling them and transporting them while protecting what may be your largest investment.

Typing up equipment also means typing up your staff. To remain competitive, you need to minimize your downtime with a quick turnaround.

We handle everything from documentation to logistics while exceeding OSHA safety requirements. Heavy machinery relocation should be trusted to a company with experience, a stellar track record and great recommendations. The Advance Group has been handling machine moving and rigging for decades for the largest companies in the tristate area, offering custom solutions varying from plant installation to assembling a single piece of equipment.

The Advance Group has broad machine moving and rigging experience across many business sectors from laboratories, construction, industrial, banking, food, vehicles, medical equipment, printers, etc.

Each move requires a unique strategy based on the size, weight, complexity of the equipment and logistical challenges between points A and B. Our team of experts will assess your situation and plan out the steps, equipment, and tools needed to safely move your machinery to its new home. Some machine relocations are more challenging than others; our team has handled all sizes and logistical complexities.

We offer a wide array of services and can accommodate any special requirements or needs you have for your equipment including storage. We are flexible and can provide both short and long-term solutions for any equipment while you move to your new location.

If you’re moving equipment, you likely have other business-related equipment to relocate. Save time and money by allowing The Advance Group to handle it all. Whether you’re moving your equipment in-house or across state lines, we can provide any solution you need from disassembly, storage, transportation, and reassembly in the fastest turnaround time possible.

Looking for a rigging company near you? Give us a call today to discuss a machine moving and rigging strategy for your heavy equipment.