The Advance Group Houses the New Year’s Ball

Published On: May 5, 2022Categories: NewsBy

April 27, 2022, Farmingdale, NY: The Advance Group, New York’s largest office moving, warehousing, logistics, and furniture installation company, announced today that they will be housing the world’s greatest symbol for ringing in the new year, the New Year’s Ball! 

“The Advance Group takes great pride in handling one of the most exciting annual traditions in American and international history, the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball!” said Anthony Parziale, President of The Advance Group. “Lots of planning and logistical execution goes into making the ball drop every year and The Advance Group is proud to be involved in the process.”

For over 100 years, the tradition of the New Year’s Ball has signified the start of a new beginning. The ball has had many incarnations over the years. Starting as just iron and wood, the ball is now crafted of crystal and LED panels. It is certainly a beautiful sight to everyone participating in this New Year’s tradition.  The ball has become a leading attraction to New York City in the winter months. It is visible all of December into January and becomes a major focal point of Times Square during this time. Tourists and native New Yorkers alike come together to watch the ball drop in person and millions more tune in at home to watch live broadcasts of the event.

When it came to choosing the right company to protect this global icon, The Advance Group emerged as the only suitable choice. For over 40 years, The Advance Group has exhibited nothing but excellence in logistics, moving, and critical attention to detail.  Their international acclaim and ability to head any project despite its complexity proved them to be the best home and caretakers of this prized New Year’s Eve tradition.