Your Crucial Moves are Covered by the Advance Group -Advance Technology Division is a Data Relocation Services Expert

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The transfer of a corporate data center is critical to the majority of commercial moves. Data centers comprise of equipment such as servers and other IT hardware, which are often the primary storage location for most firms’ information and communication assets. As a result, a sound moving and relocation strategy is required. Extended downtime and outages are inevitable without proper preparation and can be costly or even disastrous to a corporation.

The Advance Group is one of the most sophisticated corporate moving companies in the country. We have a thorough awareness of the prerequisites needed to successfully relocate. As such, the Advance Technology division of The Advance Group’s specializes in IT moves, including critical data relocation service.

Scheduling, planning, packing, shipping, specialized storage, backup, reconnection, troubleshooting, and specific decommissioning methods are all part of IT and data relocation plans. An experienced team, accurate management and a well-articulated data migration strategy is fundamental to relocation success.

The Advance Technology team of project leaders and technicians collaborate closely with customers to build strategies in important areas such as:

Complete Data System Documentation

Project managers and technologists rigorously document, draw and analyze current systems and interconnections.

Offline Scheduling and Planning

The Advance Technology team confers with customers identifing data transmission, appropriate shut-off and disconnection dates, relocation logistics, storage capacity, and reconnection schedules.

Specifications for Data Transport and Handling

Shipping planning, packing, and moving that is highly personalized, including de-racking and re-racking, populated rack movements; safe, discreet, climate and air-controlled transport, inventory creation, and manifest audits.

Reconnection and Relocation

Project managers and Technologists are in charge of server movement, re-racking, and reconnecting, as well as addressing any connectivity issues.

Technology Decommissioning

End-of-life technology is frequently put away until the space is required, or relocation occurs. Disposal is subject to Government standards and The Advance Group prioritizes the security of any data that remains on your outdated equipment.

The Advance Group Advance Technology branch specializes in the relocation and installation of data centers, audio-visual equipment, wiring, and information technology systems. We are a professional service of The Advance Group dedicated primarily to the technological end of the business, offering services ranging from conception and installation to moving and set-up.

The Advance Group, the nation’s leading end-to-end commercial moving and relocation company, is driving business into the future.