IT Challenges to Moving Your Office and How to Solve Them

Published On: October 26, 2023Categories: Blog, Moving Tips, NewsBy
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One of the biggest challenges to moving your office is coordinating the relocation of the information technology (IT) department. However, you can avoid many issues by making IT central to your office moving process rather than an afterthought.

Here are some common IT-related challenges and solutions when relocating a business.


Downtime costs you money through lost productivity and potentially unhappy customers. To minimize your downtime, involve your IT team from the beginning and work with them to develop a careful plan before you move.

Begin by conducting an IT audit to determine potential issues and plan for them. Does the equipment work well? Is it up-to-date?

Moving can provide an excellent opportunity to upgrade your technology, so look carefully at all potential options. For example, if you’ve considered a VOIP system, the move may be an ideal time to switch. The move also might be a good time to upgrade your hardware or software. If you plan to buy new equipment, also plan to dispose of the old.

Also, be sure to coordinate your network and computing systems carefully. Ensure users know cut-off times and new passwords. If you can, allow for some overlap.

Data Security

Your IT team should back up all data off-site or in the cloud. Aside from having data backups, you’ll also need to develop a plan to keep data secure during the transition. Also, make sure all your data recovery processes are up-to-date.

Inventory and clearly label all data-bearing devices before you begin. Then, pack each device carefully and seal it. When moving your devices, ensure a safe and secure drop-off point with security cameras. Check the seal carefully at each step to notify regulatory authorities promptly in case of a breach.

Infrastructure Challenges

Connecting IT has become increasingly complex. Many business networks contain routers, workstations, servers, power supplies, and other devices. Your IT department should be involved in choosing the new workplace venue to ensure proper electrical connections, cable management, ventilation, and adequate space. They also can ensure cell phone service is sufficient and examine the building’s existing infrastructure.

You should also involve IT during building renovations or construction, including during the development of floor plans and blueprints. Let the IT team work with the architects and engineers to ensure the space will meet your technology needs. For example, conference rooms require significant wiring that contractors can do more efficiently before the building is complete. Likewise, you should add conduits early. If you have to add infrastructure later, you’ll incur more significant costs.

Emergencies and Contingencies

Even with the best-made plans, occasionally, emergencies or contingencies occur — an outlet fails to work, the Wi-Fi isn’t connected on time, or the phone lines are in the wrong place. Always have a backup plan to keep you operating until you can address the issue.

Work With Professionals

Choose a moving company with experience in moving IT. IT technicians can survey your setup and advise when to connect and disconnect. They can also ensure your equipment is packed correctly and relocated. The Advance Group offers comprehensive, specialized planning. With an emphasis on professionalism, we guarantee the safe handling of all items, including furniture, files, and technology. Contact us today for a quote.